Does Social Media Work in Staffing?

452105219Social media is used on a consistent basis with both the job-seeker and the employer looking for the best candidates. Whether or not it’s beneficial is a topic that Kavaliro has discussed many times over. There have been a number of claims that say social media is the best way to recruit the top candidates and others saying that this isn’t the case. However, for Kavaliro, there has been an obvious ROI from the use of social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for finding the best employees to fill a position internally and externally. Kavaliro regularly posts #HotJobs to alert its followers of the newest available positions and utilizes social media to hire employees for internal needs and for client purposes. Posting relevant company press and honors online allow candidates to find the information they need in order to find a reputable staffing firm. These resources help recruiters and staffers do their jobs more efficiently, specifically in the search process to find top resumes and viable candidates.

Social Media has been a hot topic in the last few years as it becomes a more important tool in everyday life. Here are some reputable facts to support the idea that social media is a solid recruiting tool.

  • “A new study reveals that nearly a third of companies scoured social media and cut candidates from consideration before meeting them.” (Fast Company)
  • “Job seekers should follow companies they want to work for on Twitter and watch out for job listings, while also interacting via Twitter with employees who work there. (Time)
  • “Sourcing and securing the right candidates for open positions can be an expensive endeavor, often requiring extensive travel to campuses and career fairs as well as time-consuming screening calls and in-person interviews. But social recruiting, or the use of social media in hiring, can cut the costs of the process while delivering top-notch results.” (Entrepreneur)

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Social media is a way to further solidify your company as a brand, beyond just being a helpful tool for recruiters and job seekers. When job seekers do company research they are checking out social media and blogs to find out more before applying. In our case, we have received multiple resumes just from someone seeing a tweet about a recent job posting. Each week we receive private Facebook and LinkedIn messages from candidates asking the best way to get their information to the right person. Social media platforms have also become a way for candidates to follow up when they are unable to reach a specific person or after speaking with a recruiter.

Social media does a great job of helping recruiters discover talent and gives a variety to choose from. In the past, candidates from out of the town may have struggled to find job placement due to a move but with the use of social media in job searching, candidates can find openings and apply for jobs more easily. Recently, we added Instagram to its social repertoire in order to engage potential employees with the company culture even further.

Overall, the integration of social media in staffing has been positive for us. Aside from just creating jobs through social media, we enjoy interacting with fans and local businesses in the community to show support and gratitude for helping make the company what it is today!

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Bill Peppler

Bill Peppler
Bill Peppler is managing partner of Kavaliro, a provider of employment solutions.

Bill Peppler

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