More Leads, More Buzz: 5 Proven Marketing Methods for Staffing Firms

467034251Marketing, marketing… who has time for marketing? With intense competition for talent and the high expectations of budget-strapped hiring managers keeping most staffing firms beyond busy, marketing efforts often fall far down the priority list. Websites are quickly dated with stale content and design. PR and social media go quiet.

With steady job reqs coming in from clients, some staffing companies are satisfied with the status quo, working from day to day on the opportunities directly in front of them. The question is this: Is that the vision for your business? Or, do you want to lead your staffing firm to growth, higher margins and greater market share?

If growth is the goal, it’s time to get strategic about marketing. It’s time to target prospects and talent using both traditional business development and tech-enabled approaches to build pipelines that will diversify your client portfolio and expand candidate databases. Luckily for staffing firms, there are a number of marketing approaches that consistently prove effective in staffing, no matter the size of the business, geographic location or industry focus.

Five Proven Ways to Get Leads & Grow

#1: Use Target Account Programs (TAPs). Target Account Programs are short-term, high impact sales programs that narrow the prospect field to ahandful of very strong leads. Over the course of 4-6 weeks, sales teams connect with their target list of prospects through mailers, by phone, by email, in person and with social media. Using various mediums over a concentrated period of time is a highly effective way to cut through the competitive clutter and get your prospect to take notice and secure an appointment.

#2: Optimize Your Website. It used to be that a website was a digital business card for many staffing firms—a way for clients, prospects and candidates to find contact details and reach out to you directly. With mobile technologies playing an enormous role in how people communicate and do business today, your website has to do more. Today, staffing firms require a sharp, mobile-friendly website where job seekers can immediately reach recruiters and apply to opportunities and where prospective clients can access engaging content to get to know your business and its capabilities. If your site is dated and dusty (and not optimized for mobile!), you are closing the digital door to new business and candidate engagement opportunities.

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Web Site

#3: Host or Sponsor an Event. While digital excellence will expand your marketing and brand reach, there is nothing like an event for forging personal connections and building relationships. By creating events—such as lunch and learn sessions for clients or candidates, or a networking event for businesses or job seekers—you create opportunities to position your business as an expert that clients, prospective clients and candidates will turn to for business and career needs.

#4: Social Media. Social media is a powerful tool for creating authentic engagements with a wide range of audiences—clients, prospects, journalists, job seekers and even passive job candidates. When done well, social media builds brand awareness, attracts candidates and proves to drive revenue in a tech savvy, targeted manner. The most important social media lesson I try to share with businesses of any industry is to be sure and put the right person in charge of social media efforts. We’ll often hear about social media not generating results. When we ask who’s managing social assets, we often hear about an intern and/or someone more junior. Not that they cannot be trained, but they need to be trained and they need to “get the business.” The people engaging in social media for your business are the face and voice of your brand. They can listen for social conversations that lead to new candidates and business leads. Ensure they have the skills and knowledge to represent your business and all it offers.

#5: PR. Strategic PR efforts can be a very effective in generating leads. Sharing news, such as new hires, charitable work or events, with local media is one example of a quick, easy PR submission that can win you fans and brand reorganization in the market(s) you serve. Better yet, use your social media savvy to alert the press with links to your newly optimized website and media-worthy press releases. In no time at all, you’ll have plenty of strong client and candidate leads to pursue with your next TAP and invite to upcoming events.

To see more examples of each marketing tactic, check out this SlideShare now.

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Leslie Vickrey

Leslie Vickrey
Leslie Vickery is founder and CEO of ClearEdge Marketing. She can be reached lvickrey (at) clearedgemarketing (dot) com.

Leslie Vickrey

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