Fading Borders: Professionals on the Move

452677713When we initiated our Global Professionals on the Move report in 2010, no one anticipated how deep the global recession would get. Now, a global recovery is clearly in sight, and our fifth annual report provides a unique perspective on the drivers and motivators for these valuable global citizens.

We wanted to see if the financial crisis encouraged a more global outlook on professional employment. Our research found only 16 percent of respondents thought the economic climate was a barrier to gaining international experience, and the number who cited insufficient job opportunities was just 22 percent, a 20 percent drop from the previous report.

It was perhaps surprising to see since the report’s inception, the number of people willing to work abroad has increased considerably, more than doubling from 16 percent in 2010 to 35 percent today. In that time, we’ve also seen the barriers to working abroad decrease dramatically, as companies and even countries realise that the search for the best talent must go beyond national borders.

Certainly, as the economic recovery gains pace and companies speed up expansion into new regions or markets, the competition for qualified and experienced professionals will only intensify.

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However, we’ve found there is a period at the start of an economic upturn when the attitude of clients and candidates is unbalanced. Businesses take longer to change their mindset, whereas talented professionals are quick to realise they are in demand and seek out companies that will offer them the best opportunities. And the market is very fast-moving right now.

Helping companies respond swiftly to this change in market dynamics is our way of making sure our clients stay ahead of the curve in attracting global talent.

Good recruitment agencies make the selection process cost efficient for clients and as smooth as possible for candidates. Brilliant ones recognize that sourcing the right talent is the hardest part of the equation.
























































































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Tim Smeaton

Tim Smeaton
Tim Smeaton is CEO of Hydrogen, a global recruitment firm.

Tim Smeaton

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