How Mobile Is Getting Mobile in Recruitment

mobile techMobile is gaining more and more momentum given its ubiquitousness in every spectrum of market. The recruitment industry is no exception. From social to marketing, you need to adopt various ways of attracting and interacting with job candidates. Mobile is becoming a vibrant mode leveraging what candidates access, search and engages online.

The advantages that this mobile way of recruiting can bring to staffing companies include:

Quick accessibility. Mobile is the most convenient device you can have, which you seldompart with and it always provides an easy way to communicate.

Quick feedback. Mobile being so accessible to candidates, you receive pretty fast feedback on any interaction you send, just in initial few minutes. It allows them to better understand the message.

It’s different. Using mobile in the recruiting process can really differentiate the entire process before the candidates, if done correctly. It acts as branding tool and improves the candidate experience.

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Mobile as Staffing Solution
How can staffing companies utilize this most revolutionary way of recruitment in their actual processing? Have a look!

Candidate mobile experience. Career sites are offering a mobile version of the site for mobile candidates to have easy access from any device anytime. The candidate can easily search all jobs thanks to responsive mobile sites. It also manifests a simple call for an action plan for any specific job, in terms of applying for the job or joining their talent community.

Career fair strategy. Career fair events are yet another great platform. These days, staffing teams are using iPads to engage candidates. The candidates have the option to fill out mobile forms and are instantly directed to talent pipelines through a CRM database for further engagement.  It also has recruiter face-to-face feedback on various candidates with a grading facility available for every candidate.

Referral outreach. Referrals, very necessary to recruiting, are a great challenge for companies in terms of involving employees in the recruitment process. Companies are rolling out campaigns around referrals. They are crafting cards for employees to give to potential referral candidates with QR codes that take the candidates to mobile driven pages where they can view positions matching their skills and disciplines. It shows how the recruitment industry is driving candidates to the right messaging and opportunities. It helps the employee referral efforts by offering a cool way to engage.

Mobile is a tool that can be utilized in various activities and the above said are a few of them. It is going to become the next generation staffing solution for employees as well as employers.

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Reena Gupta

Reena Gupta
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Reena Gupta

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