Mobile Recruiting: Keeping Up With the Movement

Smart_PhoneArticles are popping up everywhere (such as this recent article from B2C) warning employers of the dangers of failing to implement mobile strategies for recruiting. Smartphones have begun to access more data than desktop or laptop computers, and yet many employers are failing to adapt with the time and become mobile-friendly. There is ample awareness of this looming debacle for business owners; however, there is much less attention given to examining the importance of recruitment software with mobile compatibility for staffers and recruiters. Nevertheless, as more recruiters begin to utilize mobile strategies for recruitment, it will become increasingly evident that mobile is absolutely vital for success in modern recruiting.

Considering society’s evolution to an increasingly “on-the-go” mentality and way of life, many feel as if they’re missing out on recruiting opportunities while fulfilling obligations outside of work. With mobile recruiting tools, this scenario instantly becomes a quandary of the past. Recruiters can prepare for meetings and events while traveling with access to important documents and valuable business information from any remote location. Recruiting software designed for mobile provides recruiters with the ability to access real-time data from anywhere around the clock, which means that they have constant access to email, business notes, calendars and tasks, candidate and employer information, activities, etc.—the list is seemingly endless.

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The recruiting process is revolutionizing due to greater mobile capabilities, as more people than ever are accessing the Internet from mobile devices rather than computers. With mobile recruiting through staffing software, you can increase your hours on the clock, diminish inefficiency, and quickly respond to job orders or candidate correspondence. The recruiting industry is renowned for its fast-paced nature and rapid progression, which has become increasingly apparent with time. Everyone in the market is competing for the best talent available. Without access to business data through smart phones and tablets, recruiters risk falling behind competitors and missing out on valuable hire opportunities.

Mobile recruiting adds convenience, simplification, and immediacy to the candidate tracking process. Job seekers and hiring managers are certainly communicating outside of their nine-to-five work hours, so recruiters must likewise be able to respond quickly and have access to business documents outside of the office. Once this is made possible through mobile recruiting, viola! What was once considered downtime has transitioned to valuable work time. And (not so surprisingly) job seekers and employers are far more likely to prefer a recruiter whose methods are unmistakably progressive and expedient.

The best way for recruiters to thrive with mobile is to employ a hiring platform that allows them to engage candidates on the go. With the ability to access job orders and job candidates all in one consolidated place, it becomes simpler than ever to make high quality matches. Recruiters can be notified of new job orders and new contenders for employment, while managers can effortlessly oversee all of these processes. Additionally, staffers and recruiters should look for solutions that incorporate access to social media platforms, opening doors to greater opportunity.

If you’re searching for the best recruitment software available with mobile capabilities, you have many options. Not to be self-serving but one good option is AkkenCloud OnTheGo.  With our online recruitment software, job orders are pushed through all of your devices on cloud-based platforms, eliminating the issue of missed alerts and notifications. Mobile recruiting also allows you to form stronger connections with candidates and employers, as increased reliability allows for higher quality relationships and better chance of making placements. The rest of the world is going mobile, and with bounteous reasons—what are you waiting for?

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Giridhar Akkineni

Giridhar Akkineni
Giridhar Akkineni is founder and CEO of AkkenCloud.

Giridhar Akkineni

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