Closing the IT Skills Gap: The Solution

200298991-001There are opportunities and challenges regarding the IT skills gap, but how do we actually solve this problem? You might start with education; make two-year schools more attractive to IT candidates. Nearly 30 percent of Americans with an associate’s degree make more than those with a bachelor’s degree. Another solution is re-skilling existing workers — external hiring costs 20 percent more than internal. Another option is developing IT education partnerships, such as Udacity, Georgia Tech and AT&T’s recent partnership to offer a master’s degree in computer science.

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Wade Hughes

Wade Hughes
Wade Hughes is CEO of The Intersect Group.

Wade Hughes
Wade Hughes is CEO of The Intersect Group.

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  1. bcktrainor says:

    We don’t have as much of a skills gap as we have in a hiring gap.  There is a disconnect being management and HR.  Management wants a 95% match to job requirements so a candidate with 80% match is not hired and if truth be told that candidate could learn the needed skills in less then 2 months. Hiring mangers should spend a month in HR, interviewing, reviewing resumes, talking to candidates and really thinking about what’s needed on the job and all of a sudden; hires are made, positions are filled, jobs are being done, job vacancies decrease.

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