The Healthcare Occupational Safety Landscape

86796587Safety is undoubtedly one of the most vital strategic imperatives of the entire staffing industry. Healthcare professionals in particular face a tremendous amount of hazards each day while striving to deliver quality patient care. Healthcare staffing providers play a critical role in proactively promoting safety standards. At Medical Staffing Network Healthcare LLC, we are committed to occupational incident prevention. In fact, one of the primary functions of our recently-formed Clinical Quality Council is to foster safety advocacy among the clinicians and healthcare systems we work with each day.  The accompanying infographic, showcases relevant statistics that shed light on the healthcare occupational safety landscape. 

The Safety Snapshot Infographic reveals:

  • Occupational illnesses among healthcare workers account for 23.4 percent of all U.S. cases.
  • Injuries and illnesses among healthcare workers constitute 21 percent of all U.S. cases.
  • The largest number of incidents reported occurred in hospitals.
  • Sprains, strains and tears are the most frequent types of injury among healthcare workers.
  • As a result of workplace injury or illness, healthcare workers spent approximately 168,000 days away from work.

We believe that employee engagement and safety are in direct correlation to one another, which fuels our focus on cultivating a culture of growth and appreciation. When employees enjoy what they do, feel their work has meaning and know that their contributions are valued, the staffing industry at-large achieves several benefits, most notably 48 percent fewer safety incidents.


Safety Snapshot Infographic-550

Cheryl Rhody

Cheryl Rhody
Cheryl Rhody is director of branding & communications, Medical Staffing Network.

Cheryl Rhody

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