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141912667The healthcare IT (HIT) industry has been described as occurring in “waves” in correlation to meaningful use and ICD-10 requirements stemming from the Affordable Care Act. With the latest and greatest wave now approaching the shore, it seems to be about time to paddle back out to catch the next one. How big will the wave be? How long will the wave last? Are you, as an HIT recruiter, in the right position to catch the next wave? Many have speculated about these very things but one consistency seems to be agreed upon time and time again, the next wave will focus on the quality of the candidate in the eyes of the Health System clients.

Quality will be of the upmost importance because the work will include more optimizations and customizations than in the past. There will always be a need to fill HIT holes on projects such as new installs and upgrades but the days of slamming systems into hospitals as fast as possible to meet a deadline are few and far between. If you are an HIT consultant, start sharpening your skills. If you are an HIT Recruiter, get ready to forget the idea of more is better because the focus will need to be on building relationships with top quality HIT consultants.

In a no lesser degree, trust and relationships between healthcare systems and HIT consulting firms will be the cornerstone to the future of the firm’s business. Healthcare IT consulting firms will need to be looked at as more of a solution for Healthcare Systems rather than “order takers.” Hospital heads will still be spinning from the EMR implementation and now they will be wondering if the system they installed is being fully utilized.

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Millions have been spent on EMR Systems and now getting the most out of those systems will be the next wave to catch. Recruiting for this next wave will not involve making a certain amount of calls a day or sending out a certain amount of emails. You will need to know the business, know how to find top quality candidates, know how to identify top quality candidates when you speak to them, and know how to get those top quality candidates to join your team.

Keep in mind that you will also need to have top-notch HIT recruiters surrounding you as well. There will need to be a sense of trust between you and the recruiters on your team because you will not just be filling jobs on separate projects at different clients anymore, but instead you will be working together to fill out a team that will be essential to the survival of your firm as word of mouth will help obtain the next project. This means that recruiters that have only had their best interest in mind will slowly fade out because only a cohesive team will survive in this type of environment. Start preparing now as the next wave is on the horizon. Are you ready to catch it? Then, grab a board and be ready to work smart, work hard, and work as a team.

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Brad Vanatta

Brad Vanatta
Brad Vanatta, MedSys Group, as recruiting manager is responsible for nationwide recruiting support and training and development of recruiting personnel. He has 16 years of experience working in the healthcare Industry.

Brad Vanatta

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