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reportsDo you wish your company was viewed as an invaluable resource for cutting-edge information? It’s not as hard as it sounds. Actually, it’s not hard at all. You don’t need a large team of researchers, the biggest database in the nation, or even a national footprint. You simply need a niche.

Traditional sales collateral, radio advertisements, and text message blasts have their time and place – but how often do you get a request for your most recent flyer or newest sales pitch? Probably not too often. However, providing timely, useful and accurate information to the right audience will change that.

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Start small. Evaluate your business and identify your strongest single differentiator. Perhaps, you aren’t the largest staffing firm in your region, but you place more high-level administrative workers than any other company so you have more information about candidates’ skill sets, salary requirements, and starting salaries than any other company in the area.

Quantify the data. Pull the information out of your database and turn it into quantifiable, easy-to-understand numbers. This can be as simple as a one-page flyer; it doesn’t have to be a published report or lengthy white paper.

Brand your document. Choose a title or theme that you can carry out over the lifespan of your project, whether that is monthly, quarterly, annually, biennially or other. It is important to brand your document during the introduction and adoption phase, as that is the time you begin building awareness and creating lasting associations.

Sell the value. Focus not only on the value of the information, but on the value of the information coming from you. Ensure that your target audience knows your unique position in the marketplace. The data will have a greater impact if your audience understands why you are the best resource for the information and how it differs from information they may find elsewhere.

Rinse and repeat. Adoption may be slow in the early months or years of your project, but persevere. Share your information freely and frequently, and you will soon be recognized and revered as a valuable source of information.

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Jenna Hladik

Jenna Hladik
Jenna Hladik oversees marketing and communications initiatives at Elwood Staffing, a provider of commercial and professional staffing services. She can be reached at jenna (dot) hladik (at) elwoodstaffing (dot) com.

Jenna Hladik

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