I Took the Class, I Passed the Test and I’m CERTIFIED!


I have been waiting over a decade to say this. Throughout my career, I’ve passed HR certification tests and staffing certification tests, but no group offered a true measure of how an organization can partner with staffing providers to make a world class contingent workforce program until now.

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In September, Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) announced the Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP) program to fill this gap. My employer was one of several companies in the industry to serve as a charter partner, and we were actively involved in providing content, process expertise and real-world examples to make the CCWP certification an accurate assessment of a person’s knowledge-set in the Managed Services Program (MSP) space. The knowledge, practices and methodologies learned in this program will add value to the adaptation (implementation) or transformation (expansion) of any MSP engagement.

Once buyers and suppliers get certified, everyone will be in a better position to:

  • define their expectations in a common language
  • collaborate on evolving their programs
  • understand each other’s limitations and constraints

When SIA and its charter partners started down this path, the goal was to simply make sure that buyers and suppliers understood each other better, but the result exceeded all of our expectations.  The content is delivered by industry subject matter experts in order to bring real-life examples to the class material. The classes are available to anyone who has spent 3 years managing a contingent workforce program. .  Efforts in our industry such as the CCWP certification allow all of us to benefit by standardizing and building a mutual understanding of the basic, tactical MSP service offerings, thereby creating a path for our industry to take the evolutionary leap into more strategic service offerings.

Playing a role in the development of this program and being one of the first to achieve certification are two of the proudest achievements in my career.  In order for any MSP to be successful, the buyer and seller must understand the structure, unified goals, and strategy of their MSP program. I am confident that companies who invest in the CCWP certification program will be in a position to make this happen.

Check out the program. Take the class. Pass the test. It’s worth it!

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Jerome Gerber

Jerome Gerber
Jerome Gerber is vice president, workforce strategy, with Volt Consulting Group. He can be reached at jgerber (at) volt (dot) com.

Jerome Gerber
Jerome Gerber is vice president, workforce strategy, with Volt Consulting Group. He can be reached at jgerber (at) volt (dot) com.

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Jerome, congratulations on your achievement and being among the first to be CCWP certified.  We at SIA are excited about the prospects of raising the bar of professionalism for everyone in the industry.



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