Best Practices in Social Media: Making Connections to Break Out of Recruiting Clutter

social worldConnecting is one of the most overused words in the staffing industry.

But one recruiting company is connecting with potential candidates in a very powerful way: with targeted and focused LinkedIn groups.

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Relevante, based in Media, PA, delivers accounting, internal audit and technology consultants from offices in the Mid-Atlantic and India. It also leads the Relevante Internal Audit Group, a subgroup of Relevante Networking Group, on LinkedIn.  The internal audit group, which started in May 2010 and has nearly 3,500 members, provides a unique recruiting platform for Relevante since it effectively facilitates conversations about tools, techniques, and resources that help audit professionals in their careers. The firm also has networking groups for financial analysts as well as a horizontal group for the Philadelphia market.

The skinny: rather than plow jobs down the throats of candidates, Relevante keeps potential candidates warm by promoting their value in the marketplace. And as opposed to the smile-and-dial mode of recruiting, this approach nurtures a relationship until a candidate is ready to act or a proactive recruiter connects with a candidate that has had a positive experience with the firm.

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Jim Lanzalotto

Jim Lanzalotto
Jim Lanzalotto runs Scanlon.Louis, a strategy and marketing outsourcing firm that helps companies grow. He can be reached at jim (at) scanlonlouis (dot) com.

Jim Lanzalotto

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