Optimism Takes Root

optimismMuch like cynicism, optimism is contagious. And when it comes to independent consultants, an upbeat and positive outlook is not just a nice attribute to have, it can be the pivotal difference to landing new gigs, ensuring repeat business and achieving success. Naturally everyone wants to surround themselves with positive people and, if given the choice and other skill sets remaining equal, executives will choose an upbeat professional over a less enthusiastic candidate every time.

Luckily, independent professionals appear to be an optimistic bunch.  The results of our 2013 nationwide survey of independent consultants support this premise. This year, a resounding 85 percent said they are happy they chose to work independently. That feeling of well-being also extended to their outlook on the national economy – 67 percent are optimistic about 2013, and more than half expect their own revenues to increase this year. And keep in mind, this isn’t a short-term happiness blimp – nearly 60 percent of the respondents have been consultants for more than six years.

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The buoyant attitude among independent consultants is encouraging and makes me ponder the underlying reason. Are individuals who choose to become independent consultants more optimistic by nature? Or, have the dynamics of their workforce model (i.e. choosing projects, flexible schedule, income potential, etc.) caused them to be more upbeat and satisfied in general?  From my vantage point, I believe the latter: independent consultants are enjoying and embracing the freedom, power, and achievement that accompany a contingent workforce career path. And their satisfaction is especially gratifying given the growing presence of the contingent workforce across the country.

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