Healthcare Staffing Trend – The Benefits of Mobility

travel healthcareWhen discussing trends, mobility is often cited as a phenomenon to watch develop as it gets increasingly more pervasive. But the industry pundits are usually referring to the increased penetration of mobile devices that allow you to access and manipulate data or digital content.

A trend to watch in healthcare staffing is also mobility – but of a much different kind.

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Qualified occupational and physical therapists are finding their expertise enables them to leverage their mobility while expanding their professional expertise.

These healthcare professionals are enjoying the freedom to accept positions at clinics and hospitals throughout the United States. Often accepting positions on a temporary basis, it is a convenient way to travel and learn more about this diverse land in which we live.

A typical example is provided by Amanda, a licensed physical therapist. She has accepted positions in her home state of Michigan, Texas and California – all for different reasons. Texas provided her the opportunity to not only gain valuable professional experience at the Baylor University Medical Center, in Fort Worth, Texas but also at rural Bridgeport, Texas. She served as lead PT in a hospital-based outpatient facility in this small town where she treated patients with musculo skeletal and neuromuscular conditions. Her time at Baylor was quite different due to a much larger team of therapists. Both locations provided excellent opportunities to hone her therapeutic skills and deliver needed help to the patient community.

She saw two sides of Texas for extended periods of time. This allowed her to learn from other healthcare professionals and expand her PT capabilities while experiencing some of the cowboy culture many of us have only seen in the movies.

Amanda’s travel experience led her and her husband to spend a year in San Francisco where she performed her physical therapy at a major healthcare provider. She was able to visit relatives living in California several times, growing her relationships with distant relatives that would never have been possible during a brief vacation. Having the opportunity to discover the wonders in and near a world-class city like San Francisco also provides its own allure.

Easy access to the ocean, vineyards or redwood forests is quite different than experiencing the serenity of the desert or spending time with cowboys at a working ranch. For Amanda, each has its unique beauty and provides wonderful memories.

Mobility provides individuals with the opportunities to live for a time wherever the need exists for qualified healthcare professionals. It provides an enriching experience for the healthcare provider and needed professional services to the communities they commit to serve.


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