Private-Label Skills Testing

laptopTwenty-one years ago when Presenting Solutions began offering employment skills testing, we were faced with a workforce that was just beginning to learn about personal computers. Companies that were struggling to figure out how to incorporate them into their businesses were numerous. Fast forward to the present, and what we see is a new generation of workers who grew up with computers and companies that couldn’t live without them.

However, the problem isn’t solved, and the need for skills testing hasn’t gone away. There is often a big gap between what a candidate says he or she knows and reality. It is just as important to verify the candidate’s skills today as it was two decades ago. Of course, having computer skills is just a piece of the puzzle in making hiring decisions, but all things being equal, having the skills can tip the scale.

But now skills testing is at home on the internet and resting comfortably in the cloud as well. Now it can be used to separate the wheat from the chaff, and there is a new marketing aspect that can be used to make your company look like a much bigger company. That is private labeling. Making the software look and feel like it’s part of your organization allows your clients to feel comfortable and gives a sense of congruity to your online presence.

Private labeling makes it appear as though you have your own skills testing system. That is what the largest international staffing companies do. With relative ease, a skills testing system can be integrated with your company’s internet presence. To all who stop by, your skills testing will look very much at home in your website. Most staffing companies use skills testing to help market a candidate’s skills. And it’s often used to market your company as well. Now you can market your business savvy along with your candidate’s skills and product marketing with private labeling. Clients love to feel you have it all together so let them know you believe in your skills testing like it was your own!

Computers and the internet have changed the landscape of our world forever. Thankfully they can help us grow our business as well. And that is a beautiful thing. The closer you get to giving clients the comfort of dealing with a company that has it all together, the more your business will grow. Private labeling is the perfect step along the way.

Peter Brown

Peter Brown
Peter Brown is a co-founder and president of Presenting Solutions Inc., a maker of Prevaluate Online. He can be reached at pjb (at) prevaluate (dot) com.

Peter Brown

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