Best Practices in Social Media: Attracting High-Impact Employees

One of the greatest achievements a company can attain is being named to one of those Best Company to Work For lists. Recognition like that is difficult to garner when you consider all of the competition in local and national markets.

Communicating that success to potential employees just might be even more difficult.

The Start Group, a $17 million staffing firm that’s #64 on the Inc. 500, has been named one of the best companies to work in for in its native Boston and was named one of the Best Staffing Firms to Work For in 2012 by Staffing Industry Analysts. It has spent a significant amount of time building a unique culture that has not only propelled it to 4,000%+ growth over the past few years but has also served as a platform to attract high-performance employees.

I spoke with Katherine Cressinger from The Start Group about how that employer brand has become a critical feature of their employee attraction plan. “The Start Group is about having fun while working hard,” she said. “We need to attract hard workers who want to win and have fun.”

Social media has been the most effective way for The Start Group to communicate that culture. “Our Facebook and social media platforms for our parent company are directed towards our internal employees, their friends, family and possible future employees. We do not advertise our jobs, push the skill sets we are looking for, but we paint a picture of our work environment. We share stories of our successes, our quirkiness, our adventures, and our overall culture.”

The Start Group’s meteoric growth has been driven by two predominant factors: its business strategy of focusing on high-demand, low-supply skills and attracting high-impact recent college grads that buy into their culture and thrive in a competitive environment.

That’s a great recipe for success.

Jim Lanzalotto

Jim Lanzalotto
Jim Lanzalotto runs Scanlon.Louis, a strategy and marketing outsourcing firm that helps companies grow. He can be reached at jim (at) scanlonlouis (dot) com.

Jim Lanzalotto

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