The Best Marketing Ever

From websites to collateral material to social media, there are many opinions as to which one is the best marketing approach. It’s much, much simpler than that — just do great work. Yes, marketing vehicles, such as a great website, are powerful and important. Yet, they pale in comparison to the marketing impact of the work you do, how you do it, and the ROI for your customer. There is nothing like a great outcome that creates satisfaction, positive buzz, strong testimonials (for your website and marketing materials), raving references, and a flow of referrals.

This is why, more than anything, you should be working on improving what you do and how you deliver that to your customers. This should be done with decreasing labor intensity which, in turn, allows you to deliver more quickly than your competition. Your customers should be bragging about the value they receive as you take pride in the equitable compensation your company receives for those efforts. This becomes a self-perpetuating story as you then repeat this process over and over again as you continuously improve, evolve, deliver, and collect your rewards, including a growing base of customers. Now that’s great marketing!

Scott Wintrip
Scott Wintrip is the president of the Wintrip Consulting Group and StaffingU. He was named to the Staffing 100 by Staffing Industry Analysts in 2011-2014. He can be reached at scott (at) ScottWintrip (dot) com.

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