How to Start a Successful Contract Staffing Service — by Accident!

We were not trying to start a new contract staffing business unit, honest.

It started happening a few years ago, quite innocently. We provided on-site contractors to clients who were struggling to find the right people. Not because that is our business, but because our clients asked for help and we listened.

For the past 12 years, our company has exclusively supported the language translation needs of medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Consequently, we had access to a large pool of highly specialized resources, but maybe even more importantly, we intimately understood the challenges of the very people that our clients wanted to hire.

You see, on a daily basis, we work very closely with technical and medical writers, labeling specialists, and other specialized disciplines. This experience gives us a keen ability to spot the right talent for an open position — although we never consciously thought about it at the time.

Our approach to contract staffing simply mimicked our translation business: we placed top priority on the process, closely managed our people, and worked with our clients to create meaningful and measurable goals. It all seemed completely natural to us and our customers were enthusiastic about the results.

And then the market created the perfect storm.

Drug and device companies needed specialized skills for projects or extra help to address a surge in business or outsource more functions. Our company just happened to be in a great position to leverage its knowledge and expertise of the people that our customers most desperately needed to hire.

To this day, we are still a very specialized offering. We provide contract staff for only medical device and pharmaceutical companies. And for only a limited number of job disciplines, but they are the disciplines that we know the most about because we literally work with them every day.

It is a classic oxymoron, since we have found our foray into contract staffing a “happy accident.”

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Mitchell T. Bossart

Mitchell T. Bossart
Mitchell T. Bossart works at ForeignExchange Translations, which provides Internet globalization, software localization, and medical translation solutions to medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology clients worldwide.

Mitchell T. Bossart

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  1. bikramkumar says:

    Drug and additionally pump companies needed skilled skills for tasks or extra assist to address an increase in company or outsource even more functions. Our businesses business simply happened to be wearing a great positioning to leverage it is knowledge and also expertise of the people our customers the vast majority of desperately needed to hire.

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