happy fans

Building Unconditional Customer Loyalty

I recently had the pleasure of being with my wife as she watched her beloved alma mater, Ohio State, beat its long-time rival, Michigan, in their annual football matchup. While it’s ...
blending team

Blending Virtual, On-Site Recruiters

A growing number of staffing firms and HR departments are working with outsourced recruiters to get access to dedicated sourcing and recruiting resources, save money and remain flexible ...

Get It in Writing; Get It in English

What do you call 100 lawyers buried in sand up to their necks? Answer: Not enough sand. It is said that the problem with lawyer jokes is that lawyers don’t think they’re funny, ...
money trail

The Deal Flow of Private Equity Firms

Private equity firms have become increasingly interested and active in the staffing industry since 2010, due in part to several successful investment realizations. The capital raised ...

Finding Your Unique Selling Point

I used to produce commercials for a large department store chain.  There were a wide variety of items to sell, most of which were not the exciting, high-fashion, wildly creative garments ...
separate class

Why the VMS Promotes Second-Class Citizens

The subject of VMS arouses negative sentiments from most of the staffing suppliers I know — and for good reason. It’s not just about low margins. As staffing professional, we are ...
data stream

Pioneering Data Visualization

Somewhere between the safe, sterile cul-de-sac of standard reporting and the wild-wild west of statistical analysis lies the open frontier of data visualization. This fresh way of presenting ...

5 Steps to Solving Your Hiring Challenges

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, employers are challenged to hire a qualified workforce. While an ample supply of candidates exist in some areas, others have major ...

Improving Internal Hiring: Relationship Recruiting

It’s ironic that the staffing industry that is so proficient at placing people in jobs has difficulty with its own internal hiring. Many firms, especially the small and midsize staffing ...
Good JOb

The Best Marketing Ever

From websites to collateral material to social media, there are many opinions as to which one is the best marketing approach. It’s much, much simpler than that — just do great ...
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