Peer-To-Peer Interactions Make Industry Conferences Worthwhile

It has been a little more than a month since the CWS Summit and Risk Forum in San Diego, and I think that I am almost caught up on emails from being out a week. Although it is tough being away from the office and my family for so long, the conference is always worth it. Sure, the sessions provide a great opportunity to learn and then there is always some sort of mystery meat on the buffet to figure out. But, the reason I enjoy the conference and look forward to it is the peer-to-peer interactions.

There are great leaders of CW programs doing some really cool things are happening in this space these days and it is great to listen and learn. I always leave with nuggets that I want to come back and try. It is nice to know that someone has some of the same issues as me and hasn’t figured out the best path either. I have already followed up with some of my friends to get more information on a subject we discussed. The knowledge I have gained from my peers has had a direct impact on my career — it makes me like my job more and has helped me get better at it.

If you went to this year’s conference and are asking yourself “what did I get out of it?” What did you put in? How many of your peers did you seek out? Just something to think about? For me, I am looking forward to Chicago in 2013 to see what new idea my peers have come up with — and of course, some deep dish pizza.

Greg Muccio

Greg Muccio
Greg Muccio is manager, people department, at Southwest Airlines. He can be reached at greg.muccio (at) wnco (dot) com.

Greg Muccio

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