Simplify Your Healthcare Credentials Management

Healthcare staffing companies face challenges unlike staffing companies that serve other industries due to regulatory, accreditation and compliance issues. Evaluating staffing technology that will streamline processes, cut costs AND mitigate risk may be one of the most important executive decisions.

In an industry like healthcare staffing, a high level of automation is key to finding quality candidates quickly. The technology must also help healthcare organizations’ HR and recruiting departments stay compliant and mitigate the risks associated with onboarding healthcare personnel. When we ask our healthcare clients about their most important staffing technology requirements, most cite credentials management as one of the most important features. Why? Because the credentialing process is extremely time consuming and typically provides the most headaches. If you are a healthcare staffing firm, an automated credentialing system may be the most valuable service you can provide your healthcare clients. If you are a healthcare organization with an internal recruiting department, you know how tedious this process can be to the overall recruitment process and a system that saves time and money and creates a better working environment is all the more attractive.

Benefits and efficiencies created by an integrated credentials management system include:

1. Healthcare candidates can apply online to open jobs and upload documents such as licenses and certifications that are then automatically parsed into a centralized candidate database or applicant tracking system. This saves hours of time since there is no manual data entry and documents do not have to be scanned by recruiters.

2. Time is saved with auto-generated messages and notifications that are sent to healthcare candidates and workers to renew or update licenses and certifications.

3. Automated and streamlined workflows and approval processes greatly reduce time previously spent on data entry and redundant tasks.

4. Historical recording of communications, submissions, updates and approvals

Healthcare organizations that place the utmost importance on employing workers that are licensed and certified in their areas of specialty greatly decrease the level of risks associated with working in a healthcare environment. Additionally, quality healthcare employees means a greater potential of quality healthcare for patients. A healthcare staffing company that utilizes integrated staffing software with credentials management has a terrific opportunity to greatly increase productivity and become a tremendous partner and service provider to healthcare organizations.


Reena Gupta

Reena Gupta
As the CEO of TargetRecruit, Reena's focus each and everyday is to deliver the most comprehensive, easy to use and valuable cloud based recruiting tool for the staffing and recruiting industry.

Reena Gupta

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