Get up to Speed with Mobile Recruiting

The hype over social recruiting over the past couple of years has required recruiting firms to re-think their approach to branding their company and sourcing talent. Just looking at the latest social media stats alone seems like enough to make a business case. Is it?

Let’s take a closer look at mobile recruiting. While many recruiters consider sending a text message or using a QR code as mobile recruiting, the opportunity in front of the industry is much greater than either of these. Not to mention the hundreds of apps that are available to candidates and recruiters on their smartphones.

Consider how candidates are accessing your website or jobs listings. Last year, nearly 10 percent of global web traffic came from a mobile device — a number that continues to increase significantly. If your website or job search processes are not optimized for mobile devices you are already at a disadvantage. And how about the application process?

Whether it is part of your strategy or not, both clients and candidates will continue using mobile devices and access your companies’ site — when, where and how they want to. Mobile recruiting and a mobile experience for candidates should not replace other sourcing and recruiting channels, it should only enhance it.

And it should go without saying that the best approach to using mobile is to make use of your calling plan — by picking up the phone and recruiting.

Jason Buss
Jason Buss is the VP – Global Talent Management at AKRAYA, and editor of Talent HQ. He can be reached at jason.buss (at) akraya (dot) com.

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