Recruiter Location … How Important?

It’s a fact today that recruiters work remotely from their “clients,” — the hiring managers and candidates they represent — they spend most of their time on the Internet and the phone. They use tools, old and new, that enable them to speak and even see those with whom they work and they can conference multiple people together when needed. Every now and then they get on a plane or drive a car to meet someone face to face. Theirs is a life of collaboration, coordination, searching, selling, tracking people down, cajoling and more — mostly from afar.

With this in mind, recruiting managers must get creative about where and how they organize their teams. Some insist their recruiting team m
So what do you think — where should recruiters work? And what is your secret to managing your teams in that “place” you describe? What are the risks and the rewards that come with your approach? Is there only one answer? Or does it “depend”? And if so, what does it “depend” on?embers be housed in one place. There are lots of reasons — to be near the managers they support, to build esprit de corps  or to more effectively manage their efforts. Other recruiting managers believe that it doesn’t really matter where a recruiter resides as long as they have the skills and tools needed to find people in today’s electronic world and can stay in touch appropriately in order to effectively manage through the inevitable issues that arise in the recruiting game. All of these managers tend to be tethered to technology to monitor and manage their teams.

I invite recruiters, recruiting managers and supported hiring managers to join this discussion — all are impacted and your opinion is important!

Kay Colson
Kay Colson is VP, service delivery, Texas Children's Hospital, Kinetix. She can be reached at kcolson (at) kinetixhr (dot) com.

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